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Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group

Harness the power of industry-specific extensions to the Salesforce platform designed to help our clients navigate complexity, accelerate transformation, and create value that lasts.

Bring the future into focus

The value of human connection in a digital world has never been more important–or more complex.

Our solutions are built on decades of experience gained through thousands of successful Salesforce implementations across key industries. We’ve now applied our deep industry knowledge and technical experience to create assets that can quickly solve our client’s toughest challenges.

The result?

We’re helping organizations worldwide unlock more value at speed and scale. To build human-centric businesses that engage people in deeply meaningful and relevant ways. To inform actions with up-to-the-moment insights, while protecting consumer trust in the use of data. And to maximize investments while continually adapting and innovating.

Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group Brochure

We combine industry knowledge with deep technical expertiseto help clients re-imagine human-centric businesses for todayand tomorrow, transformat speed, and build value that lasts.

Explore Global Salesforce Alliance industry accelerators and solutions.

Cloud4M is a pre-configured multi-cloud solution for the manufacturing industry that gives you a single view of customers, partners, and connected products.

ConvergeHEALTH™ Connect

A suite of sector-specific solutions focused on improving health care relationships across the care continuum by delivering personalized experiences at scale.

Deloitte’s FSConnect is a powerful suite of assets and accelerators that spans the full spectrum of financial services

GovConnect is a modular platform of solutions and accelerators that streamlines and modernizes the way residents, agencies, providers, regulators, and businesses use and provide government services. GovConnect enables rapid digital transformation to modern public service delivery models and creates new employee and customer experiences.

End-to-end management solution that transforms supplier relationships by aggregating disparate information sources to generate immediate, actionable insights into supplier performance and connect stakeholders helping to share data, faster.

Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals portfolio provides a set of industry-specific assets for chemical producers and distributors looking to accelerate their digital transformation.

ChangeScout demystifies organizational change management, offering a structured, organized, and seamless experience to help your change managers make smart decisions. The result: reduced manual effort, faster delivery, improved adoption, and a better change experience for your stakeholders and organization.

Customer Lifetime Value Accelerator

Helping streaming services move to profitability by reducing subscriber churn, managing acquisition costs and creating upselling opportunities.

Forward-thinking businesses see the human in each customer, employee, or partner. They embrace the tough transformational challenges and seize new ways of delivering value made possible by advanced technologies, data-powered insights, and digital-first experiences.

Susan Sterling, Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group Leader