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Deloitte practitioners worked with clients across industries and around the world to envision better futures, then design and implement strategies to bring them to life.

In a year of multiple global disruptions and dislocations, how does an organization focused on people and progress stay inspired, support its clients and continue its strong upward momentum?

For Deloitte, the answer was simple: focus on the future. We recognize how recent challenges present a valuable opportunity—not simply to figure out a return to the way things used to be, but to imagine a better way things can be. While no one can predict the future, purpose-led organizations can help shape it and build something better together.

Envisioning better futures, then designing and implementing strategies to bring them to life—these are challenges Deloitte practitioners have been tackling for years. And in doing so, they draw on core Deloitte strengths, including our ability to bring together talented teams to identify critical issues, forge connections, leverage technology and create practical solutions to meet each client’s needs.

Building a better future starts now

A significant part of building a better future should include an examination of how we work. While our organization often relied upon flexible work arrangements before the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year offered an opportunity to further enhance what “hybrid work” means at Deloitte, helping to ensure it works for our people. We likewise helped clients develop effective strategies driven by what the future of work could look like across sectors: a workplace that may not be a single place at all, but is flexible and sustainable; work that is technology-enabled and data-driven; and a workforce that is diverse in skills and backgrounds, developed in the flow of work, with the appropriate quality controls, and supported by an equitable, inclusive culture.

No discussion of the future would be complete without an examination of the future of the planet we inhabit. Deloitte has been a leader in promoting a standard approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. We regularly report on our own progress and continue to collaborate with clients through the Deloitte Sustainability & Climate practices, helping them advance on their own journeys to a lower-carbon world.

For example, over the past year Deloitte Financial Advisory practitioners advised companies on strategies to drive sustainability and climate opportunities, including helping them model what net-zero transformation will look like for their organizations and industries. Deloitte Consulting practitioners helped clients accelerate their transformation and develop sustainability initiatives by scaling Deloitte’s practices in artificial intelligence, software engineering, and cloud and edge computing. And as stakeholders call for greater transparency, Deloitte Audit & Assurance practices expanded their ESG services to further help clients provide their stakeholders with transparent, reliable and meaningful performance disclosures that respond to changing reporting requirements.

Digital journeys powered by tech alliances

Whether they are would-be disruptors or face the threat of disruption themselves, companies across industries must navigate the many challenges of digital transformation.

Deloitte’s ability to guide clients through this uncertain year was strengthened by our alliance relationships with 15 of the world’s leading technology providers. From orchestrating ecosystems and evolving cloud-based industry solutions like Converge™ to executing targeted acquisitions in areas such as product engineering services and digital content production, Deloitte Consulting LLP teams, in collaboration with tech leaders, enabled clients’ growth and transformation.

$59.3B Aggregate global revenue
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Creating and protecting value and trust

Helping to create and preserve value during times of adverse market conditions, Deloitte Financial Advisory practitioners supported clients on more than 10,000 M&A and Turnaround & Restructuring projects this year. Deloitte Forensic practices worked with public- and private-sector organizations and other stakeholders to identify vulnerabilities in the global financial crime framework, as well as design solutions for information sharing, legislative reform and asset recovery. And Deloitte Infrastructure practices helped clients explore sustainability strategies and shaped the future of mobility by improving transportation options for more than 1 billion people.

Deloitte Risk Advisory practices have developed sophisticated solutions to support organizations’ evolving risk and regulatory needs. An example is RegHub, which enhances how companies structure, source and manage compliance by using digital cloud platforms to track the market for regulatory change. In addition, Deloitte Cyber practitioners used leading-edge technology to help clients protect against, and respond to, an array of cyber risks. Deloitte Cyber Operate practitioners also assisted global companies in solving complex challenges by offering outcome-based solutions that accelerate innovation and deliver value in areas such as digital identity and threat detection and response.

We remain committed to integrity and independence in serving our vital role in the financial ecosystem. Deloitte Audit & Assurance practices uphold trust in the capital markets by driving accountability, transparency and reliability of reporting across 180,000+ engagements worldwide. Ongoing investments in the development of Deloitte Audit & Assurance practitioners, solutions and technologies, as well as expanded assurance services, enable us to redefine what’s possible in corporate reporting, including the impact of ESG reporting across industries.

Adapting to a changing landscape

Over the past year, Deloitte Tax practitioners guided clients through the shifting tax and economic landscape, helping them navigate the global push for tax transparency, the digitalization of tax authorities and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s two-pillar approach to tax challenges arising from the digital economy. Deloitte Tax practitioners are helping organizations anticipate and address these issues, including major implications for data quality and access, with advanced tools that automate processes, speed response times and improve accuracy. At the same time, the acceleration of new business models is driving the need to transform tax operating models through outsourcing, in-sourcing and co-sourcing of routine compliance and reporting activities.

Deloitte Legal practices worked with clients to design and roll out policies to address the changing work environment, including the trend toward more hybrid arrangements. Deloitte Legal practitioners helped clients navigate employment laws as they implemented changes to COVID-19 restrictions, remote working accommodations and return-to-office rules. Deloitte Legal practices also helped clients transform their legal operating models with tech-based solutions for managing contract lifecycles, collaborating with advisors in real-time and automating routine tasks, which improve the accuracy and speed of processes, while producing cost efficiencies.

Our people’s creative thinking and bold solutions have helped clients address disruption and resolve their toughest challenges. Guided by our purpose to make an impact that matters, we are helping Deloitte clients move their businesses forward and create a better future.

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