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In a rapidly evolving market, our Deloitte Global Consumer Industry group uses our proprietary data to help you get closer to consumers. By connecting Deloitte-owned research, insights, and innovations to your key business challenges, we can create leading strategies for the near future—and beyond—across the consumer industry. We can deliver solutions to help your business thrive. 

Navigate today’s consumer landscape with confidence

Deloitte Consumer leaders work with global brands to help create leading strategies for the future in the Automotive; Consumer Products; Retail; and Transportation, Hospitality & Services sectors. Our mission is to use our proprietary data and judgement to help you get closer to your consumers.

Driven by advancements in technology and data analytics, the way we consume has changed significantly. And the future calls for businesses to balance consumer demand with sustainability and social responsibility. Working with a wide range of consumer industries, we can help your organization make the strategic decisions to keep up with these evolving trends.

This shift in demand and behavior offers great opportunities. By connecting research and data-driven insights to your business challenges, we can help you unlock potential, respond to industry priorities, and guide you toward success. 

Explore the Consumer industry


Discover new outlooks, research, and actionable insights on the evolving automotive ecosystem, including connected supply chain data, smart mobility, sustainability, product engineering services, cloud, and metaverse.  

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Read more on how we can help you identify, understand, and respond to changing trends and business models in the global retail, wholesale, and distribution market, through the latest research and insights.   

Consumer Products

We can lead you in tackling some of the biggest apparel, beverage and food manufacturing, agriculture, and consumer electronics challenges—from strategy to execution.

Transportation, Hospitality & Services

Explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities that are impacting the future of the industry. Learn how we can guide you to seize opportunities and overcome challenges, through our industry experience and market insights.