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Faaizah Budrudin

Deloitte Africa Associate Director | Financial Services Advisory | Financial Instruments Valuations and Economic Hedging

Faaizah is an Associate Director within the Financial Services Advisory (FSA) division of the Deloitte Africa firm. She leads the Valuations team within FSA, where she is involved in the pricing of fixed-income and derivative instruments used by clients for both investment and hedging purposes. She is also a specialist in the application of hedge accounting, providing insight by combining her practical knowledge of valuations and economic hedging together with the requirements of relevant accounting standards.  

Faaizah has extensive experience in training and advising clients on the implementation of accounting standards such as IAS 39: Financial Instruments – Recognition and Measurement, IFRS 2: Share-based Payments, IFRS 9: Financial Instruments and IFRS 13: Fair Value Measurement. She performs the valuations of financial instruments, both vanilla and exotic, including the assessment and quantification of valuation adjustments. 

Faaizah has in-depth experience in the assessment of the effectiveness of cash flow and fair value hedges for the purposes of IAS 39/IFRS 9. She also specialises in the valuation of share appreciation rights (SAR’s), employee share options and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) schemes for the purpose of IFRS 2.