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Retail banking study 2010

Winning back your customers


Retail banking study 2010This report is based on the results of a quantitative survey of 2,000 Belgian retail banking customers conducted in December 2009. The aim of this research is to measure customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty in the retail banking industry in Belgium and to better understand what customers expect from their banks.

The banks have been classified into three different groups:
Big Four banks: the four major retail banks in the Belgian market
Community banks: banks focusing on a specific customer segment or group
Direct and Discount banks: banks that offer financial services through direct
channels mainly; and banks that focuses on price (f.i. interest rate)
This study does not address neither business or private banking customers nor the
impact of this perception on the real behavior of customers.
The study analyses how trust, satisfaction, and loyalty differ between different
customer segments:
• Generations:
- Silent Generation (age 65-75)
- Baby-boomers (age 45-64)
- Generation X (age 32-44)
- Generation Y (age 15-31)
• Social groups (we distinguished four groups using CIM classification based on
profession and education of the head of household):
- Low
- Middle low
- Middle high
- High

The survey was conducted for Deloitte by TNS Dimarso.

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