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  • Global IFRS Insurance Survey 2013
    Gaining momentum - Insurers’ preparations for the new IFRS accounting rules.
  • Generation why? Attracting the bankers of the future
    The Deloitte Talent in Banking Survey 2013 explores intentions, aspirations and associations in relation to banking and careers, based on a global survey of over 100,000 business students from 1,350 universities.
  • Retail Investor Study
    Asset Management industry insights
  • Wealth Management Report 2013
    Deloitte developed a report that identifies the key challenges and most important actions for the Swiss international wealth management centre.
  • Alpha or Beta?
    In this report, we outline the different capabilities required to deliver alpha and beta returns and consider the challenges firms face in specialising at either end of the market.
  • Winning in wealth management - Strategies for building profitable business operating models
    The financial crisis has provoked a major turning point for the financial services industry, changing the very basis of competition from growth to profitability.
  • Reconnecting for profit
    A major qualitative study based on almost 50 in-depth discussions with private clients and leading wealth management executives, our report highlights strategies for wealth managers to reconnect for profit and practical steps to aid transformation.
  • In control?
    Research study based on a global survey of 32 major companies domiciled in 11 countries, that focuses on how financial institutions can gain competitive advantage through governance, risk and control best practice.
  • Winning with branches
    Financial institutions that own retail banks are facing a major challenge. How do they re-invigorate their franchises? To address this our research project identifies six disciplines required for branch transformation.
  • Financial Services in 2010
    Our study identifies major market drivers and operational challenges that financial institutions will likely face over the next four years and pin-points the strategies and practices recommended to create the ‘Hallmarks of Success’.
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