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Corporate Responsibility

Deloitte member firms are focused on quality and innovation in order to build and maintain trust with companies, investors, and wider society. We believe that without a bedrock of trust from the broader business community and organizations like Deloitte, a strong and flourishing society is not possible.  Our Shared Values are underpinned by our Ethical Principles, which support a culture of excellence and accountability that includes responsibility to wider society.

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Responsible business
Each day, Deloitte member firms’ partners and professionals work on thousands of client assignments around the world.  These core activities make a vital contribution to the effectiveness of companies, industries, and capital markets that helps drive job creation and economic prosperity.  Deloitte continually invests in service innovations that are designed to enhance client performance.  Realizing the vision of being the Standard of Excellence involves executing to high standards everywhere that member firms serve clients.  Our As One strategy is designed to sustain our focus on an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence across borders.  Programs such as ethics, risk management, and independence protect Deloitte's integrity and relationships and make it possible to continue delivering contributions to society.  Deloitte also welcomes the opportunity to work with governments, regulators, the public, and member firm clients to create a regulatory framework that is effective and that inspires grounded public confidence.  As the largest professional services network in the world, we consider this a central element of responsible leadership.


Investing in people
Deloitte's approximately 182,000 professionals are committed to becoming the standard of excellence.  As our network pursues its plan to increase its total combined workforce to 250,000 professionals by FY2015, it must continue providing fair, inclusive working environments in which people have the opportunity to reach their goals.  Deloitte is working to encourage innovation, diversity, global awareness, and principled conduct among its people. These attributes strengthen the Deloitte organization and help member firms provide services that are critical to clients and markets.  They also prepare our alumni to serve as effective financial leaders at other businesses.  As an organization that is built on its people, Deloitte is acutely aware of how important education is to society.  Education has the power to unlock potential, deliver economic and social transformation, and change individual lives.  Despite great improvements in access, quality, and delivery of education, more must be done.


Environmental sustainability
Over the past decade climate change and other issues in environmental sustainability have inexorably climbed up executives' agendas.  Deloitte believes that businesses and institutions need to become more sustainable in order to secure a comfortable future for society.  We accept our part in this agenda, which encompasses our business practices.  We are measuring our environmental impacts and defining actions to improve our performance.  Our Global Corporate Responsibility Council has requested an analysis of opportunities to improve environmental performance given the organization's business growth projections, in order to set a worldwide target for reducing carbon emissions. Member firms also have an invaluable opportunity to help clients use resources more efficiently and curb their environmental impacts.  The member firms' network of more than 600 sustainability and climate change specialists provides sustainability advice and solutions and has done so for many years. Deloitte also maintains active involvement in the public discourse on sustainability issues and contributes to collaborative efforts to address global climate change.

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Diversity and inclusion
We are all unique.  Each one of us is different from anyone and everyone else—including those people with whom we share the most in common.  We’re different in what we believe, where we live, our cultures, our backgrounds, the way we look, career paths, lifestyle, age, the way we think, the way we experience the world, our education, our talents and capabilities, and more.  All those differences that make each of the approximately 169,000 individuals working at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and the member firms unique represent many dimensions of diversity.  It is all these dimensions of diversity that are Deloitte’s greatest strength.


Deloitte21 is a Deloitte network-wide global initiative that is helping underserved young people acquire the education and skills they need to thrive in the 21st-century economy.  Globalization, technological advances, and socioeconomic shifts have put a premium on knowledge work. How and what young people need to learn, and the outcomes education systems must achieve, have fundamentally changed.  Deloitte’s global member firm network is committed to investing in programs that unlock the potential of underserved young people and enable them to acquire the skills needed to join the 21st-century workforce. Deloitte member firms are applying the business skills of their people to scale up the impact of innovative programs that have the potential to transform the way education and skills are delivered.