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Deloitte Malta wins Mondaq award

Every month Mondaq publishes hundreds of articles by contributing firms from over 80 countries around the world. Award winners beat off strong competition and Mondaq has extended their congratulations for the following award.

Contributor Most Read In Malta

During the Month of October 2013 Deloitte Malta (Malta) generated the most usage from Mondaq users for this category.

At the end of every month, for each country, Mondaq analyses which contributing author firms were read the most by Mondaq registered business readers: 'Contributor Most Read'. Readership for all articles by that firm on that country is included. The reader may have come upon the article either on the Mondaq site,, via our personalised newsletters, or via one of Mondaq feeds to 3rd party sites. All readership for this article consists of real, identified individuals and no anonymous readers are included in the conferral of this award. Finally, 'country' is determined by the categorization of the article not the contributor e.g. if a US firm writes an article on an aspect of French commercial law the article is automatically eligible for the French and not the US award scheme.

* Awards criteria are objective and awards are based on authenticated registered business readers only.

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Deloitte Malta refers to a civil partnership, constituted between limited liability companies, and its affiliated operating entities; Deloitte Services Limited and Deloitte Audit Limited. The latter is authorised to provide audit services in Malta in terms of the Accountancy Profession Act. A list of the corporate partners, as well as the principals authorised to sign reports on behalf of the firm, is available at

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