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Business Tax Services

European Tax Survey 2013
In order to help understand today`s fast-changing tax landscape, Deloitte undertakes an annual survey to track trends as viewed by heads of tax. Almost 1,000 companies across Europe participated in the Deloitte Tax Survey in 2013.
Restructuring Services Tax - A European Perspective
A guide to the services the Deloitte Restructuring Services EMEA Tax network can offer.

Tax management, compliance and reporting

Survey on tax management in Switzerland
A detailed picture on how Swiss businesses organise their tax function.

Russia & CIS Desk

Open new horizons with Swiss competitive advantages
Russia and CIS Services Group
New Russian Transfer Pricing Law
The new Russian Transfer Pricing law is coming into force in January 2012. The presentation was presented in a October webcast.
Audit and Advisory Services
Audit and advisory specialists in Deloitte Switzerland, in close cooperation with other experts in Deloitte offices in the CIS region, deliver comprehensive services to our clients.
Russia and CIS Desk – Corporate tax consulting
Overview of Swiss corporate tax solutions which we are pleased to suggest to Russia and CIS companies.

Cross-border tax

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing for the Financial Services Industry
Do you understand the unique transfer pricing requirements facing banks asset managers, insurers, and alternative investment firms?
The Right Transfer Pricing Documentation
Turning compliance into a value added process.
Transfer Pricing Implementation & Monitoring
Bridging the implementation gap.
2013 Global Transfer Pricing Country Guide
This 2013 Global Transfer Pricing Country Guide compiles essential information on the transfer pricing regimes in 58 jurisdictions and from the OECD guidelines.
New Russian Transfer Pricing Law
The new Russian Transfer Pricing law is coming into force in January 2012. The presentation was presented in a October webcast.

Mergers & Acquisitions

How tax adds value to M&A transactions

Global Employer Services

Living and Working in Switzerland
This brochure provides an overview of some of the issues that may affect non-Swiss individuals moving to Switzerland
Strategic moves
The first in a series of global surveys which collected insights from some 150 business and HR executives, from multinational organisations around the globe, on today’s workforce mobility challenges.
Switzerland – a favourable location for managers of hedge fund and private equity fund structuresFor fund managers looking for greener pastures, Switzerland may be an obvious answer.
The Switzerland Satisfaction Survey
A majority of foreign multinationals operating from Switzerland are satisfied with the country as a business location according to a new survey by Deloitte.

Indirekte Steuern

Indirect Tax Helpline for Commodity Traders
Switzerland hosts many multinationals active in trading commodities ranging from energy products to raw materials. With deals arranged across the globe, traders are often not fully aware of the indirect tax exposures and compliance requirements of the transactions undertaken.
Swiss VAT registration risk
“B2C” provision of telecommunication/electronic services...
The VAT Directive
The EU VAT Directive has undergone some important changes in recent years. The most important changes are with respect to the place of supply of services. The VAT Directive booklet contains the current legislation, including the changes that are part of the VAT package as well as changes yet to come into force.
Accounting and invoicing procedures
With the publication of VAT information notice no. 16, the Swiss Federal Tax Administration has issued some key principles regarding accounting and invoicing procedures that are effective from 1 January 2010.
The new Swiss VAT Legislation
50 substantive amendments were incorporated into the new VAT law which is effective from 1 January 2010.


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