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Financial Risk Management Event

Risk Management in International Groups

With the Euro zone threatening to fall apart and no end of the financial crisis in sight, insurance groups are exposed to ongoing challenges but also to new opportunities. While we observe many Swiss domiciled insurers becoming more active in portfolio transfers and acquisitions in the European market, some institutions also experience increasingly complex challenges to their risk and capital management.

We are delighted to invite you to an event in our Risk Management series on the topic of risk management of international insurance groups where we will discuss some of the trends we currently observe in the Swiss and the European market. Our particular interest at this event is in how supervisory authorities may try to gain insight into the activities in the insurance sector. We will explore the experiences with the SST group requirements and whether it is providing the right information to the supervisors.

Our three speakers will share with us their insights from a host of experience in various functions in global (re)insurance groups and prepare the floor for a stimulating discussion. What are the opportunities and risks for global (re)insurers from the current Euro-crisis, from cross-border mergers and acquisitions or from re-aligning their group structure? What are legal implications? How does their risk management get hold of the new emerging risks? What measures are taken to quantify risk and manage capital? How do supervisory bodies obtain transparency over their activities today? What will be the regulatory development and what roles do SST or ComFrame play?

Presentations and discussions are targeted to CROs, Risk Modelers, Legal Officers, Actuaries, CFOs and Treasurers.



Dominic Rau
Director Audit
+41 (0)58 279 61 10
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