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IR35 – Journey to April 2021 actions

Watch our short videos to get more information about specific readiness actions to be taken and the challenges they may present. Each video includes our recommendations on how to progress these actions.

Please note that even though the videos refer to April 2020, the content still applies to implementation from April 2021.

Rich Barrett speaks about the benefits of careful planning and defining a clear employment status assessment strategy before you begin the status assessment process.

The draft IR35 legislation introduced a requirement for Status Determination Statements to be prepared to confirm the status determination reached in respect of a particular worker. This short video discusses what they are and what they mean for IR35.

Resolving disputes is expected to be key part of an organisation’s IR35 processes. This short video introduces the process for dispute resolution proposed by the draft IR35 legislation.

For organisations who are at the stage of project planning, our short video covers our perspective on the approach to take and some of the areas to ensure are built into the scope of the planning. This video is targeted at organisations with a reasonably large number of off payroll workers who are establishing project teams to assess the changes and requirements ahead.

Ahead of the changes, we would recommend that organisations review the different contractual relationships they hold, including those directly with PSCs, or, with agencies or other service providers. It is likely that the IR35 changes mean that some form of amendment to those contracts is needed, which this short video explores in more depth.

PSC identification

All organisations will need to identify their PSCs, which could be via third party agencies or service providers or those directly paid by Accounts Payable (AP). This short video comments more specifically on the challenge of identifying PSCs from large AP supplier lists, and how automation might help shortcut the assessment. This video is relevant for all organisations who expect to perform a review of their AP data.

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