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From Cumbria to Belfast

Conor’s story

Originally from Cumbria, Conor moved to Northern Ireland to become a software developer in Deloitte Digital in Belfast. He talks about why he loves his role.

Why did you join Deloitte and move to Belfast?

I started by searching the top graduate firms and Deloitte really stood out to me as a great employer. I’d heard about the culture, ethics and integrity of the firm, as well as the importance they place on work/life balance. When an opportunity came up to work in Belfast, I was really excited about the move. I’ve got family here and I’m able to visit my grandparents every weekend and help them out with jobs around the house. They love having me around.



What do you love about your job?

Some days it really doesn’t feel like work. There’s always something new and exciting to be doing. I feel like I’m solving fun puzzles every day. You get to work for many different clients on different projects and it always feels like they’re an extension of the team because we work together to achieve our goals. I also love the opportunities on offer at Deloitte. I’m keen to get further established in my role at the moment, but in the future I’d consider secondment opportunities.



What advice would you share with others following the same path?

Consulting is a fast-paced environment and there’s always change happening. I think it suits me because I’m a logical thinker and enjoy communicating with other people. If you’re going to work in this industry, I think integrity and ethics are important. Luckily the people at Deloitte are always ready to help and support you with anything you need.



What motivates you?

I started studying medicine and then maths, but neither of these felt right for me. It was only when I discovered the computer science modules at university that I realised I had a passion for tech. I’m motivated by working in a diverse role with plenty to keep me occupied. Being able to clearly see the end result is also important to me. I always get a thrill from seeing what we’ve produced as a team.



What do you enjoy in your spare time and who inspires you?

I love sports, especially running, and Deloitte supports you in maintaining a positive work/life balance. My dad has always been my inspiration, because he’s always encouraged me to follow the path that suits me most. His motto is “if you want something, go for it” and that’s something I try to live by. I could have stuck with medicine or maths even though it wasn’t right for me, but now I’m doing something I love. I’m looking forward to seeing what my career at Deloitte will bring.

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