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Rui Liao

Manager | FA, IP Advisory UK

Rui is an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in IP consultancy specializing in intellectual property (IP) and technologies. Rui spent three Years in a postdoc role at Brunel University as a research fellow and local technical manager.

Rui’s cross-disciplinary knowledge and detailed due diligence make her especially skilled in identifying high-value patents. Her advanced understanding of technology trends, and her ability to spot potential IP leveraging opportunities are essential in both patent acquisition and IP commercialisation projects. In one case, in an IP mining project for a client wanting to acquire patents applicable to mobile terminals she successfully identified a valuable portfolio subsequently leading to the acquisition by the client for a seven-figure sum. She is also skilled in developing quality evidence-of-use materials not only based on technology relevance, but also the potential financial impact which helps clients build compelling arguments for IP commercialisation strategies.