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Marc Van Caeneghem

Managing Partner Risk Advisory

Marc Van Caeneghem has been appointed as Deloitte’s Global Sustainability Leader. With a career spanning over two decades, Marc brings a wide range of experience to Risk Management and Advisory, mostly serving clients in financial services to design and implement operating models that improve risk management practices.

Marc has been an active leader within Deloitte France, having served as an Executive Committee member, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, as well leading the French risk advisory practice. Marc also serves as the Risk Advisory Leader for Deloitte Central Europe.

The imperative is clear for Marc and he strongly voices the need for organizations to act on Climate and meet the Paris agreement. “Today, it’s no longer relevant to just speak of a Climate Emergency, we have to talk of a Business Emergency as companies all around the world are already facing increasing damages.” Furthermore, organizations in multiple industries are experiencing, “exponential pressure for change between consumer consciousness and activism, changing regulations, the need for improved operational resiliency, and meeting climate commitments”.

With Sustainability, Marc wants to focus on helping organizations along their “climate driven” transformation journey from awareness to assurance. He believes that “as a Sustainability community, we have the opportunity to make generational impact with our clients as we guide them to a more sustainable future.”

Heading a group of leaders from all over the Deloitte network, Marc’s role will be to drive continued elevation of our services among all businesses and geographies, in order for Deloitte to become the partner of choice for organizations facing the challenges of climate change in the years to come.