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Michelle Seng Ah Lee

Senior Manager | AI Ethics Lead

Michelle is the AI Ethics Lead in the Risk Analytics team at Deloitte UK, specialising in the governance of AI risks in industry and fairness in machine learning. She leads the UK offerings to advise clients on how to manage and mitigate new risks and ethical considerations introduced by AI-driven products. She has led the development of Deloitte accelerators, including Model Guardian (bias testing tool) and the AI controls library.

Michelle is a PhD candidate in the Cambridge Computer Science and Technology department and the Compliant and Accountable Systems Research Group, where her work focuses on fairness trade-offs in credit risk evaluation, pricing, and hiring algorithms. She has authored award-winning papers on this topic. She is also a guest lecturer in Financial Economics at Imperial College and an active charity volunteer at DataKind. Michelle holds a Master’s from the Oxford Internet Institute and her undergraduate degree from Stanford University.