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2023 Deloitte Hospitality Industry Outlook

Industry leaders share their views

Welcome to the 2023 Deloitte Hospitality Industry Outlook

In a market environment where businesses are increasingly facing pressure on resources and margins, we asked hospitality leaders in Europe and the UK about their expectations and predictions for the future.

Our results indicate that hospitality organisations saw some recovery from the effects of COVID-19 but are soon facing further disruption. With the impact of the pandemic expected to recede by Q3 2023, issues related to surging inflation are rising.

The lack of economic growth and rising costs, the inability to raise prices, and challenges related to climate change are all perceived as key risks for the industry in the near future. Meanwhile disruptions due to labour shortages are expected to increase and last beyond 2025. 

Taking a more defensive stance, industry priorities are shifting towards a renewed focus on managing economic pressures and talent management. We hope you find our 2023 Deloitte Hospitality Industry Outlook useful in informing your strategic thinking and we look forward to discussing these trends with you.

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