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Dispute Resolution

Our global network of legal practices defends clients’ rights and protects their interests in contentious situations

When addressing cross-border concerns, our dispute resolution team can help mitigate possible litigation or represent you in court.

Helping clients manage disputes

Focusing specifically on multinationals challenged with cross-border concerns, our dispute resolution professionals can help clients avoid possible litigation or, when it is unavoidable, represent clients in court to obtain a beneficial judgement.

Our teams handle dispute resolution, arbitration, litigation and in- and out-of-court settlements. The teams leverage our global footprint and deep knowledge of the circumstances that can complicate the path to resolution.


Our offerings are focussed on four high-priority areas

Our civil and commercial litigation and arbitration teams advise clients in all manner of civil and commercial disputes.

With a deep track record of serving clients around the world, we have experience in nearly every industry and sector, including banking and finance, energy, construction, and transport and logistics. 

Our service is efficiently flexible, adapting to each client’s changing needs:

  • In arbitration—institutional and ad hoc, domestic and international.

  • In the civil and commercial litigation area, our attorneys advise clients in pre-contentious controversies.

  • We defend our clients during the trial stage. Our people write procedural nature documents and represent the interest of their clients in court.

Our public litigation specialists provide legal advice and defense in administrative courts. Our teams have extensive experience representing both clients—at lower and appellate courts. Additionally, this team advises on administrative and judicial disputes concerning regulated sectors. 

Our areas of focus include:

  • Legal advice to clients in proceedings of or against public entities and/or public administrations.

  • Contentious administrative procedures at all jurisdictional levels.

  • Regulated sectors, infrastructures, public contracts, urban planning and expropriations.

The employment litigation team represents and defends clients in matters related to labor law. Our professionals bring experience and perspective advising both companies and, in specific instances, employees.

Services our employment litigation professionals provide to clients include:

  • Legal advice in collective labor proceedings.

  • Preparation of all the documents for proceedings in advance of the hearing (appeals; pleadings; evidence requests).

  • Negotiation with the employee’s lawyer to reach and draft settlement agreements and to avoid a future trial.

  • Representing the client in court before all jurisdictions and instances.

Multinationals demand solutions for managing new regulatory obligations such as BEPS, ICAP using CbC-Reports, joint audits, etc., relating to international tax disputes in both headquarter and foreign jurisdictions. 

Deloitte Legal provides clients with a cohesive perspective that empowers them to make informed decisions at any stage of the tax controversy cycle.

Our clients’ tax disputes range from divergences in tax liquidations to incorrect application of rates to or accusations of tax evasion or tax avoidance.

Deloitte Legal’s tax litigation teams act in the administrative circuit and before judicial courts, representing clients in tax-related disputes. The lawyers of the team write judicial documents and represent and defend clients in court.


New Roads to Dispute Resolution

Corporate disputes of all types have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether from tensions over employment, consumer rights or tax, businesses are facing growing volumes of litigation on multiple fronts. At the same time, disputes are becoming more complex, time consuming and expensive – yet the appetite to litigate is higher than ever. 

To find out why, Deloitte Legal conducted a large survey on dispute resolution, attracting responses from 568 companies around the world, with annual revenues ranging from US$100 million to above US$3 billion. Our goal was to discover which disputes have escalated, how companies are responding and what helps them reach a successful resolution. 

The survey also investigated the widespread and growing influence of digital litigation tools, as well as how trust in the courts and other dispute resolution mechanisms has shifted.

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