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Fostering life-changing opportunity for women.

In India, Deloitte mentors are creating pathways for young women to discover the opportunities that will shape their future.

Creating meaningful change begins with one person. In collaboration with Udayan Care, a local non-governmental organization that facilitates young women’s access to education, Deloitte India’s WorldClass impact is already being felt.

Through Udayan Care, Deloitte India funds scholarships and provides mentorship and skills development to girls from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. As they’re mentored by experienced professionals, students like Kajal receive encouragement and support as they navigate new experiences and find their voice.

With guidance from her Deloitte mentor and the support of Udayan Care, Kajal represents the first generation of her family to reach post-secondary education.

“The biggest challenge these girls face is not knowing what their options are or what they can do. Through mentorship, they’re offered a new perspective of what’s possible.”   

 – Sheetal Nagle, Mentor and Financial Advisory Director, Deloitte India                                  

Education is a fundamental right, but achieving higher levels is typically out of reach for many young women in India. Around 18% of women complete a post-secondary degree; a number that has only decreased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deloitte in India aims to reach 50 million people through education and skills building opportunities by 2030, with a focus on girls' education and womens’ empowerment. Deloitte India’s support of Udayan Care is just one example of their intention to uplift millions of girls and women across India.

Providing opportunities that match each girl’s ambition and potential is crucial to helping them progress. Kajal, inspired by her grandmother’s encouragement, is leveraging every chance she has to work alongside her Deloitte mentor and build the skills needed to realize her dream of becoming a journalist.


“Unleashing the potential of women and girls is a priority for us. While we're supporting programs focussed on it, the power of our people is key. Using their skills and experience, they can guide young girls who otherwise don't have access to such rich exposure and resources. Together, our firm and our people are committed to creating better futures.”

– NC Hegde, National People & Culture Leader, Deloitte India

Using our skills and resources to empower women through our WorldClass initiative, Deloitte India is working to support young women through their crucial years at school and empower them to become self-reliant and impactful in their own right.

In addition to supporting scholarships for young women through Udayan Care’s five-year academic excellence program, Deloitte India also offers on-going mentorship and volunteering opportunities to support many students in classroom settings. From soft skills workshops, confidence-building sessions, and group activities, each day Deloitte volunteers provide new opportunities for young women to set the goals that can put them on the path to achieving their aspirations.

By helping them take advantage of these empowering educational opportunities, Deloitte is creating an impact for young women — and the generations who come after them.