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Deborah Golden, US Chief Innovation Officer | Deloitte US

US Chief Innovation Officer

Thinking differently inspires Deborah (Deb) every day, and as Deloitte’s US Chief Innovation Officer, with over twenty-seven years of experience, she is a seasoned executive who embraces her curiosity – setting the standard for disruptive transformation and the pursuit of endless possibilities. Recognized as an authentic, empathetic, and creative leader with an unwavering growth mindset, Deb challenges business conventions – emphasizing diversity and interdisciplinary approaches that “embrace differences” forging connectivity between innovation, strategy, and performance. Deb’s leadership embodies a “culture of innovation” grounded in her strong pulse on the marketplace with a foundation in technology, business transformation, and cybersecurity, that encourages individuals to draw on their experiences and contribute higher levels of creativity – solving some of the most challenging problems. Deb has represented Deloitte with outlets ranging from The Economist, Women in Cybersecurity Conference, Harvard Business Review, and the World Economic Forum, as well as Fast Company – not to mention becoming a superhero in “The Big Hack” within the Ella the Engineer comic book series.

In her most recent roles as Deloitte’s US Cyber & Strategic Risk Leader and US Cyber Strategic Growth Offering Leader, Deb embedded innovation in the fibers of Deloitte’s culture, from the core to the periphery, driving organizational prosperity. Under Deb’s leadership, Deloitte’s US Cyber & Strategic Risk business became one of the largest growth business transformation portfolios – experiencing rapid evolution and bold disruption – with year over year, unprecedented double-digit growth – outpacing the market during that same period. Additionally, Deb’s strategic vision led to the successful conception, negotiation, and closure of six acquisitions in less than a year, specifically in “edge” technology solutions, leading the business to exemplary performance outcomes resulting in gained addressable market share.

Cultivating differences is at the epicenter of her life – from experiencing loss of a parent at an early age to being a woman in the field of technology – the way she communicates and experiences the world is grounded in her own self-awareness while elevating the disciplines, backgrounds, and knowledge of others. Deb is recognized for her service-driven leadership to “change the face of cyber and technology," by finding innovative ways to harness technology fostering diversity, and spearheading game-changing initiatives such as the Deloitte Cyber Career Accelerator Program.