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Chi Woo | Deloitte Global

Chi leads the Sustainability and Climate Change team at Deloitte Australia and has over 23 years’ international experience. Chi supports businesses, NGOs and governments internationally, on integrating sustainability into business models and strategies, improving disclosures aligned with the expectations of regulators, investors and customers, and assurance.

Chi is an expert panel member of the Resilient Rivers Blueprint, a flagship project of the International River Foundation. This project supports river authorities around the world, to improve resilience of the river systems, from ecological, social and economic perspectives, whilst contributing to the WBCSD/WRI GHG Corporate Protocol.

In recent years, Chi has worked with mining, finance and real estate businesses on climate change (including exposure assessments to physical and transition risks and green bonds); retail businesses and the not-for-profit sector on impact evaluation and sustainable finance, and the food and agriculture sector on climate adaptation and resilience building.