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Joudy Al-Sayeh

Assistant Manager, Risk Advisory - Deloitte North and South Europe

We are the Women in Risk Advisory. We solve complex problems and foresee risks. We innovate and analyse. We incubate and referee. We help our clients build resilient, sustainable organisations. We imagine new possibilities, connecting trust, resiliences and security to make an impact that matters. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Joudy. As a Assistant Manager in Risk Advisory in Jordan, part of Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE), Joudy delivers internal audit, risk management and governance services to a variety of clients across different industries and countries. She describes the work as challenging and continuously changing, which makes it especially exciting. "We test controls, identify risks and then uncover opportunities presented by those risks that the client may be able to leverage—and there are always multiple ways to help each client do this."

The connections Joudy builds with colleagues and clients alike ensure she's continuously learning, which is one of her favourite parts of the role; the other is seeing the outcomes of her work. She knows she's on the right path when a client's expectations are exceeded. "When we see our efforts come to life and the impact that our recommendations have on a client's operations, it's so rewarding."

Joudy believes that women's management skills and passion for the work are a "great combination" for a career in Risk Advisory. "Of course we need more women in Risk," she says, noting that her experience in the space has been "really delightful—especially when we work a client that might not expect a woman to be leading the project!" Joudy points out that Deloitte gives women the platform to lead and succeed by offering motivation and support, while encouraging knowledge-sharing across roles and teams.

As a woman in Risk, I always feel included—from the initial input to all the little details,

Joudy says.

Just believe in yourself and the work that you do, and Deloitte will support you along the way.

We need more like Joudy. We need more like you.

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