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Digital government

Digital and data-driven decision making

In times of uncertainty, citizens turn to governments for sound decision-making supported by data. Digital tools are critical to this process and governments now have a range of technologies to draw on to build the digital infrastructure needed to fuel decisive action.

The world is driven by data—and governments are no different

In this time of COVID-19, governments need data more than ever as they work to help businesses, markets and societies recover and thrive. Only a strong digital infrastructure can provide the data governments will need to meet citizen demands in today’s uncertain economic environment and support more agile and anticipatory decisions.

Drawing on Deloitte’s deep experience within the public sector, these pages offer innovative insights that can help governments build this critical infrastructure, exploring ways to fund, develop and utilize the data and analytic tools that drive data-based decision-making.

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There is a growing list of disrupters confronting governments. Real digital infrastructure will now be required to support citizen demand and make more agile, anticipatory decisions. Deloitte’s experience in Digital transformation can help design and implement strategies and solutions unique to a government organisation’s individual needs.

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