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Contact Center of the Future with Service Cloud Voice

Combining the power of Salesforce and AWS

Imagine a distributed contact center that can run from anywhere, with greater scalability and efficiency. No more long hold times, fractured delivery of services, or disjointed systems. Say farewell to a disgruntled workforce and dissatisfied customers. The AI-powered contact center you’ve always imagined—and it’s ready today.

The future is now. The answer is in the cloud

The customer demand for fully functioning contact centers has never been greater. And the response thus far has been underwhelming. Long hold times. Fractured delivery of services. Screens that won’t load. Computers that freeze. Disjointed systems. The outcome is a disgruntled workforce and dissatisfied customers. Deloitte Digital knows there is a better way. We’ve spent years integrating state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce solutions to bring them to clients through our network of member firms. Our service offering deploys a holistic solution that responds to urgent business needs, scales to spikes in demand, and connects agents and consumers in an omnichannel, AI-enabled, personalised, and responsive ecosystem. It also enables clients to be more agile for making changes that respond to customer feedback and provides a rich ecosystem of integrated services that reduces the need to stitch many different systems together which too often is the case today with legacy on-premise solutions.

Start with an ecosystem combining Salesforce Service Cloud and Amazon Connect. Architected from the ground up around open programming languages like JavaScript and Python—which improves agility and opens the door to innovation from millions of developers—the result is a cloud-based integrated contact center solution, Service Cloud Voice, that is remarkably fast to implement, inherently scalable and flexible, with the capability to add, or throttle back, capacity as needed.

Contact center of the future benefits

The following are some of the benefits to be gained through reinventing your contact center with Service Cloud Voice:

Omni channel for open communications

  • Put the customer first. Omni channel integration solves customer problems across all channels: voice, chat, web, email, SMS and self-service bots.

Smarter interactions equal lower cost

  • Automate or direct call types and transactions based on what the customer wants to do. Authentication and intelligent routing can direct high volume, low-value calls to AI-enabled natural language interactions while enabling live agents to focus on providing personalised high value service.

Turn agents into superheroes

  • Automated screen pop software ensures agents are supported through every customer interaction with case history, interaction service data, order history, and “next best action” guides for quick, successful resolutions.

Integrated platform

  • Run multiple contact centers on a virtualised platform, supported by unified metrics/analytics and a common service delivery model.

Focus on outcomes

  • It’s not the agent; it’s the answer. AI solution sets provide self-help, chatbot, and remote support tools. Sentiment analysis software ensures agents can provide “high touch” service as needed.

Explore additional benefits of elevating your contact center today. Download the brochure to learn more.

When you are ready to elevate your contact center, get in touch

Through our network of member firms, the Deloitte Digital ecosystem puts the human experience at the center of every interaction, so businesses can resolve customer issues accurately, quickly, and profitably. Our newest ecosystem service offering pairs the power of Salesforce customer service software and flexibility of AWS to create an unmatched human experience for employees, customers and other users.

When you are ready to reinvent your contact center, get in touch:

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