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Sustainable operations and innovation

Making a positive impact with intelligent digital solutions

Sustainability is a top business priority, and many organisations are committing themselves to adopting practices that can reduce their negative impact on the environment and help create a healthier planet and society. But many companies that are adopting SAP technologies for business transformation can struggle to turn their sustainability vision into a reality.



Guiding confidence

Deloitte can help at each point in your sustainability-led journey with SAP solutions—from understanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks to business strategy and transformation to management, compliance and reporting. Our worldwide team of business, technology and sustainability professionals can guide you through decision-making and action-taking as you work to achieve sustainable operations and make sound choices for addressing the world climate crisis—while also helping you prioritise the resilience and sustainability of your own organisation.

It’s something we’ve been helping our clients do for more than 20 years, tapping our deep cross-industry experience to turn climate-related and sustainability challenges into a competitive advantage for businesses. In addition to our extensive knowledge and capabilities, we also employ innovative approaches and the latest digital solutions, allowing our clients to transform with greater impact and position their businesses for the future. At Deloitte, we have also applied this same approach to our own sustainability transformation, setting a goal of net-zero emissions by 2030 and accelerating the timeframe set by the Paris Agreement.


Start making the connections

Sustainably-focused transformation is about connecting all the pieces and seeing the big picture—and then working actively as one team to make the vision real. Deloitte brings a holistic view of business transformation focused on sustainability.

One big way we do that is through our position as a leading global SAP partner—focused on helping organisations enable the intelligent enterprise. We believe organisations must have a strong foundation of intelligence—data-driven insights plus intelligent capabilities—if they truly want to transform their business processes and their cultures, and drive meaningful action on climate change, environmental protection, resource sustainability, social issues and planetary health.

The future of business is sustainable business. And there is no shortage of opportunities for taking action—from recycling and waste reduction to responsible sourcing to carbon emissions and government incentives to circular-economy business models. But how can your business make a real and lasting change? And how can you leverage intelligent technologies such as SAP solutions to move forward strategically and with impact—with a positive impact?

What’s your next move?

What’s your plan for taking the lead with sustainability? Learn how Deloitte can serve as a guide for your entire journey, to help you make a lasting impact with sustainable practices and intelligent technologies. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities, schedule a demo of sustainability solutions, or get additional insight for enabling a built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise with SAP technologies.

From business case development to technology implementation to operations, Deloitte brings a complete set of solutions, services and professionals for end-to-end business transformation. The ultimate vision? To help you enable the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise™—an intelligent, enterprise capable of operating and innovating at the speed of disruption, no matter what the future brings.

When you work with Deloitte to become a more sustainable business, we can help you determine your ambitions and your future enterprise vision—and then serve as a guide and an extension of your team for every step of the journey. We can help you with:

Strategy–how does your organisation confront the sustainability challenge

   ●  Understand emerging trends, as well as ESG and other business risks

   ●  Build the business case for sustainability

   ●  Identify and prioritise actions that can drive outcomes for your business and the planet

   ●  Align your workforce with your sustainability-focused solutions, strategies and goals

   ● Operations–how to build capabilities, processes, innovations and new ecosystems

   ●  Select and customise solutions to create a connected enterprise ecosystem

   ●  Aggregate, integrate and manage data to support sustainability insights and activities

   ●  Create meaningful user experiences for stakeholders, including the workforce

   ●  Operate and maintain your applications and systems ecosystem

   ●  Innovate with impact—from product improvements to new business models to more efficient ways of doing business

   ●  Finance–obtain and allocate the right funds for transformation

   ●  Enhance your transformation with SAP industry cloud solutions—such as Operations Agility and Intelligent Spend Management—to help increase efficiencies and amplify the value of your sustainability efforts

   ●  Improve your capital planning and management to finance the sustainably transformation

   ●  Optimise Treasury Management processes and procedures

   ●  Reporting and Steering–Communicate and manage results responsibly, with confidence

   ●  Formulate KPIs, benchmark your activities, develop simulation models and track performance

   ●  Analyse the impact of your activities through multiple lenses—financial, societal, environmental and more

   ●  Improve processes for compliance and regulatory reporting

Deloitte has an extensive and growing collection of offerings based on SAP technologies—all focused on helping organisations operate more sustainably. Put them all together, and it’s a solid suite that can help leaders respond to strategic priorities across the enterprise. Our current and future solutions include:

   ●  D-CARB on SAP IBP

      ●  Leverages SAP Integrated Business Planning and greenhouse gas emissions data to add the “carbon dimension” to planning and the supply chain—integrating indirect and direct product CO2e emissions, such as those from purchased materials as well as energy, production activities and transportation


   ●  SDG Impact Management

      ●  Integrates data from multiple SAP and non-SAP solutions, including financial data, to provide a robust engine for understanding where you stand on your sustainable development goals (SDGs) and what specific changes could mean for your business—all delivered via an intuitive cloud-accessible dashboard


   ●  Sustainability Analytics Platform

      ●  Acquires and harmonises ecological information along the value chain to enable standardised sustainability reporting, benchmarking, simulations, predictions and optimisations


   ●  Carbon Analytics

      ●  Uses machine learning and cloud for simulation and optimisation—helping to report and predict CO2-relevant KPIs, as well as guide related business considerations


   ●  Intelligent Infrastructure Control Centre (IICC) – Carbon Dashboard

      ●  Winner of a 2021 SAP Innovation Award: Synthesises operational data from national infrastructure projects onto a common digital platform—to support operations management, inform key processes and reduce risks through predictive analytics


   ●  Kenyan Wildlife Trust Program – Efficient Market Solution

      ●  Through scalable, financially inclusive digital functionality, provides farmers with better access to markets and real-time pricing

When you work with Deloitte to enable sustainability solutions, you get access to Deloitte’s extensive industry-specific experience at the intersection of business transformation, sustainability and SAP technology enablement.

An experienced team. Our work is rooted in three decades of SAP experience and supported by a worldwide team of 26,000 SAP professionals—as well as specialists in sustainability, procurement, tax, human capital, risk, customer experience, data management, cloud enablement, analytics and other business-critical needs. It’s a complete and cohesive team that deeply understands the ins and outs of ESG issues, transformation, regulations, reporting and a lot more.

Speed and simplicity. We’re committed to helping you worry less about how—so you can get back to the why of your business. For many leaders today, that path will involve RISE with SAP, an SAP offering designed to support cloud-enabled “business transformation as a service.” Deloitte can help you move fast on your sustainability-focused RISE with SAP—thanks to our new boost by Deloitte offering, providing a single SAP subscription and comprehensive set of Deloitte services across the “advise, implement, operate” spectrum.

Business impact. Ultimately, transformation is about outcomes, and we have been widely recognised by SAP for our ability to help clients realise results with SAP solutions. We have won numerous SAP Pinnacle Awards, SAP’s top honour. Recognition includes including the SAP Pinnacle Award as SAP S/4HANA Partner of the Year (Large Enterprise) for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. We also earned the 2021 SAP Pinnacle Awards as Delivery Excellence Partner of the Year.

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