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Elevate the Automotive Journey

Form stronger relationships with your customers, dealers and partners by creating memorable experiences.

The automotive industry is transforming

More and more customers are no longer content with the old ways of interacting with automotive brands. They’re starting their journeys online and expect seamless transitions from digital communication to in-person interactions. They value brand loyalty—but don’t give it easily. Car brands know they need to build trust and upgrade their customer experiences, but many lack the tools, processes and technology they need to deliver a modern journey at scale.

Deloitte Digital leverages decades of experience in automotive and deep insight in leading technology solutions—teaming with auto OEMs, lenders, dealers and suppliers to streamline their customer engagement, optimise their dealer experiences, develop new business models and increase their customers’ lifetime value.

We design and deploy industry-leading technology platforms, powered by Salesforce, that turn the next phase of your business from an aspirational goal into a competitive advantage. The result isn’t just differentiated customer experiences. It’s a foundation of trust and loyalty that increases long-term revenue and sets a new standard for customer-centric enterprises in the automotive market.

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Leading transformation in a rapidly changing industry

Working with clients around the world, Deloitte Digital is using Salesforce to enable core business capabilities that are driving measurable growth in key performance indicators