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Building better futures. Together.

The power of human potential is limitless when we’re given the right opportunities. From building confidence in and out of the classroom to learning new job skills, Deloitte is empowering people from around the world to create better futures.

In a new documentary series, we’re sharing the stories of people who have been supported by our WorldClass programmes, in their words, and the challenges they’re overcoming to achieve their ambitions. Each of their stories sparks exponential impact and shares the power of mentoring and communities coming together.

Deloitte invests our people’s time, provides volunteers and donates money to support students, teachers and education leaders worldwide.

These are their stories

In this Deloitte original documentary series, four young adults from different continents reflect on their self-belief and share their story and aspirations for the future.

Empowering women through higher education and mentoring

Higher education is out of reach for many young women in India. Alongside Udayan Care, Deloitte offers scholarships, career guidance, and mentoring to uplift young women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Developing STEM skills to become the creators and inventors of the future

Deloitte is making science, technology, engineering and math education accessible to millions of students in Africa. With the Pan African Robotics Competition (PARC) we’re inspiring the next generation of change makers.

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Supporting refugees through skills-building and community integration

Each year, we offer mentorship and skills training to refugees who are rebuilding their lives with a hope of a better future with support from organisations like Pangea.

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Enabling students to bridge the gap between university and the job market

Collaborating with organisations like Braven, Deloitte empowers students to build the skills, experience and confidence they need to move from university to their chosen field.

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Forward Thinking

A collection of the latest insights and ideas, straight from the desk of our people.

Michele Parmelee - Deloitte Global Deputy CEO and Chief People & Purpose Officer

Learn more about Deloitte’s WorldClass ambition to reach 100 million people by 2030 through programmes and partnerships with leading educational organisations around the world.

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