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Sjoerd van der Smissen

Partner, Industry leader | Government & Public Services

I'm a partner at Deloitte Consulting, leading the Government & Public Services sector in the Netherlands. I’m driven by a deep-seated desire to use my experience to inspire and guide the next wave of leaders and change-makers in these sectors. Especially in light of today’s societal challenges, the need for individuals and groups who can effect positive change has never been more critical.

With over two decades of experience under my belt, I've had the privilege of participating in a wide variety of strategy, innovation, and transformation projects. These have spanned across the Defense, Security & Justice sector, and have also extended into broader government. So, when it comes to understanding how these sectors operate and how to drive impactful change within them, you could say I've been around the block a few times.

But don't let the years fool you; I'm all for embracing the innovative and the transformative. In our ever-changing society, our future isn't just shaped by what we've achieved in the past, but more importantly, it depends on the plans and actions we put in place today.

On an academic note, I hold a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This academic background, coupled with the knowledge I've acquired, gives me a distinctive lens through which I approach my work.