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Beena Ammanath

Global & US Technology Trust Ethics Leader | Trustworthy AI Leader

Beena leads Trustworthy AI & Technology Trust Ethics at Deloitte. She is the author of “Trustworthy AI”, a book that can help businesses navigate trust and ethics in AI.

Beena has extensive global experience in AI and digital transformation, spanning across e-commerce, finance, marketing, telecom, retail, software products, services and industrial domains with companies across a variety of industries. Beena is also the Founder of non-profit, Humans For AI, an organization dedicated to increasing diversity in AI.

Beena also serves on the Board of and the Advisory Board at Cal Poly College of Engineering. Prior to her joining Deloitte, she was a Board Member and Advisor to several technology startups. Beena thrives on envisioning and architecting how data, artificial intelligence, and technology in general, can make our world a better, easier place to live for all humans.