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Working with Synergy

Places made human

Living with Synergy

Synergy is a unique solution created by Deloitte to make places human while boosting efficiency across cities and places

Designed to leverage the power of technology to manage a wide variety of infrastructures, namely buildings, districts, transport, logistic hubs, stadiums, campuses, among others. Synergy offers an end-to-end integration of all critical factors helping you deliver a human-centric experience to the citizens or users.



Working with Synergy

Smart buildings & districts

Building represent around 40% of total carbon emissions. There is an increasing need make buildings smarter and more sustainable. Deloitte is bringing this approach to its own buildings, while also providing a blueprint for Buildings and Districts in several countries, like Portugal and Greece.

Office managers look to provide the highest possible quality of life and impact to all the stakeholders, while at the same time ensuring the highest levels of resilience, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

To achieve that, we developed Synergy with the focus on making each Building and District “THE” place where the best tenants want to have their offices, talented people wish to say “I work there”, the best retailers want to be, and everybody’s ambition is to live in.




Deloitte is helping to implement an orchestrated smart vision among several buildings, facilitating the procurement and ensuring future integration with third-party stakeholders and service providers. To achieve this goal, Synergy is deployed, helping to integrate existing data and new IoT devices in buildings.

Expected gains

15.000+ workers with an improved working environment

An increased focus on social and collaborative activities

Higher operational efficiency

Office space optimization

Value delivered

Design a framework for the implementation of a Smart Building vision

Develop a benchmark on Real Estate trends and best-in-class buildings

Assess buildings’ digital maturity

Create and implement building use-cases impacting the routine of several personas

Design reference architecture, high-level design of platform components, and system integration strategy

Align procurement with generic Building and District APIs, and KPIs

Expected gains

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