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Leading with Synergy

Places made human

Living with Synergy

Synergy is a unique solution created by Deloitte to make places human while boosting efficiency across cities and places

Designed to leverage the power of technology to manage a wide variety of infrastructures, namely buildings, districts, transport, logistic hubs, stadiums, campuses, among others. Synergy offers an end-to-end integration of all critical factors helping you deliver a human-centric experience to the citizens or users.



Leading with Synergy

Smart governance

The City of Cascais has been implementing a large portfolio of technology-based services ranging from energy-efficient buildings to remote parking payments. Deloitte has been involved from the beginning of the journey implementing a world class city operational model, integrating data and processes from each vertical domains, and contributing to increase quality of service, and savings based on higher effectiveness and efficiency.

Smart Places should be managed in an integrated and correlated way, leveraging all their potential through a single entry point of applications. Although cities are implementing technology-based services, they usually lack a unified vision across domains.

Deloitte developed Synergy with the focus on solving this lack of integration enabling an orchestrated view of the city facilities and prompts new measurable operational efficiencies.




Deloitte designed Cascais Command Centre’s (C3) operational model, by developing new processes and a new management model, which includes centralized, integrated, and correlated data analysis from each of its 12 vertical city domains. By implementing the C3 Synergy-based system, city leaders were given the opportunity to integrate and juxtapose data from each domain, improving their decision-making process.

Expected gains

Impact the life of 200.000+ citizens and 730.000+ tourists

Up to 27% improvement in citizens’ satisfaction with mobility services

Up to 30% energy savings & 30% reduction in water consumption

Up to 30% energy savings & 30% reduction in water consumption

Value delivered

Development of an integrated operational control model for the Command Center

Integration of data from 15 smart solutions already in place

Management of an ecosystem with more than 30 partners

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