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Having fun with Synergy

Places made human

Living with Synergy

Synergy is a unique solution created by Deloitte to make places human while boosting efficiency across cities and places

Designed to leverage the power of technology to manage a wide variety of infrastructures, namely buildings, districts, transport, logistic hubs, stadiums, campuses, among others. Synergy offers an end-to-end integration of all critical factors helping you deliver a human-centric experience to the citizens or users.



Having fun with Synergy

Smart stadiums & venues

Working closely with Football Clubs, Deloitte has been focusing not only on the fans’ experience but also on the Club’s daily operations, delivering implementations plans for both a smart place control center and for the implementation of an operational platform. This was the example of the work developed with a top Portuguese Club, with whom Deloitte teamed to increase efficiency within the facility management and overall operations, while also bearing in mind the fans’ needs.

With Stadium’s digitalization trending upwards, Clubs are also growing their technological teams. These in return are leading with an increasing wave of requests and challenges that undermine their jobs’ efficiency. To overcome these, Deloitte is working with Clubs to streamline processes, design smart place control centers.




Deloitte performed an assessment of the operations, identifying technical and functional requirements. Deloitte also designed a macro plan for their implementation, a service catalog structure – including the services, tools, procedures, and KPIs used to monitor the quality of services –, and the incident management process, with activity description and RACI matrix definition.

Expected gains

Field management with optimal performance of their work

Reduced incident management time-to-resolve

620.000+ fans with an enhanced experience

Value delivered

Optimized Stadiums operations by integrating Wi-fi, cameras, sensors, and app

Clarification of the customer and client journeys, leading to the development of an evolving insights framework

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