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​Annette Van Schalkwyk

Director - Consulting

My passion is people and technology, and I’m a firm believer in giving back. Being active in TechWomen initiatives, has given me the opportunity to combine all of these.

Here at Deloitte, I’m working on growing our operation services offerings to clients and can call on over 20 years of management experience in IT Operations to really add value and impact across all aspects of client engagements.

My experience spans many disciplines in IT Operations – IT strategy, budgeting and financial accounting, as well as procurement & asset management. Also, HR, technology and risk transformations, plus I have industry experience across various sectors that include banking, non-profit organisations, consumer and government.

In addition to that, I have over 6 years of ServiceNow experience, delivering various HR employee experience, IT, risk and customer service projects across the ANZ region and Africa.