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At Deloitte, we understand our social impact and the opportunities we have as a company – and as individuals – to make a positive change. Through our commitment to WorldImpact, we’re working to help underserved communities.​

Getting back into our communities in the wake of the pandemic, we’re strengthening old relationships and forging new ones. Our commitment to WorldImpact acknowledges the responsibility and ability we have to be a force for good and lead the way on the increasingly complex challenges society faces.

Two areas of our social impact of particular importance to us are our commitment to creating a strong vision and opportunities for the future, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Through our impact initiatives WorldClass, WorldClimate, ALL IN, and Impact Every Day, we’re leveraging our peoples’ professional capabilities to help underserved communities.

Our social initiatives are future-focused, covering a wide range of societal challenges from mental health to combatting food insecurity. Whether it’s nurturing the next generation of leaders or ensuring LGBT+ professionals feel confident in being who they are within Deloitte, WorldImpact is about empowering our people to create viable opportunities and engage in positive action.

Our people

While much has changed over the past year, Deloitte does not waver from our commitment to support and inspire our people.

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Creating capability through cadetships

Deloitte’s cadetship programme offers talented individuals an opportunity to train and develop their careers.

There’s an acute shortage of experienced cloud computing experts; the market needs to develop new talent to meet future demand. Deloitte’s programme finds candidates who may have no qualifications or experience in the industry but do have the passion and the potential to succeed – and offers them the training tools to grow and develop.

So far, the cadetship programme has seen 21 individuals train with Deloitte and further their careers. Many of these individuals wouldn’t have engaged with Deloitte through traditional recruitment methods. The programme has enabled us to recruit more passionate people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences.

​Click here to read about one of our cadets, Pio Fainuu.

Playing our part in the community

Deloitte people support their local communities in a variety of ways. We’re out in the community, volunteering at aged care villages and doing food drives for City Missions. We are proud to do pro-bono advisory work to support a variety of organisations, including those with an impact-first orientation through the Impact Accelerator.

We encourage fundraising and give support through our internal Community Involvement Fund, helping our people do more for community organisations or projects they’re personally involved with.

Our people actively engage with community initiatives that promote and support the skills development of rangatahi youth across Aotearoa. We showcase skills that engage youth in entrepreneurship activities, promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) careers, provide mentoring support for school curriculum and act in governance roles for not-for-profit organisations.

A greener future for Fruitvale School

How do we help the next generation grow their understanding of where food comes from and how to grow it sustainably? By encouraging schoolchildren to get hands-on with gardening projects where they can learn to cultivate, harvest, and share their food.

Recently, a group of Deloitte New Zealand volunteers teamed up with Fruitvale School in Auckland to help pupils to do just that. Over two days, the team planted a ‘food forest’ of fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs at the school that pupils and staff could then maintain.

We took care to carry out COVID risk mitigation planning such as remaining in the outdoor gardening area and physical distancing. Using tools provided by the school, we got to work. We made a ‘hot compost’ patch with seaweed and mulch to provide quality fertiliser. At the same time, we helped restore a stream on the border of the school’s property, clearing weeds to encourage native plant regrowth.

Overseeing partner, Gareth Glover added, “As part of our WorldClimate commitment, we want to empower people across our region to become advocates of a more sustainable lifestyle. Getting involved with projects such as the Fruitvale food forest is just one way we are working to carry that out.”

WorldClass: our shared global goal

Our WorldClass initiatives aim to help millions around the world achieve their full potential through investing in education. Globally, Deloitte has committed to positively influence 100 million futures by 2030 through collaborative programmes with leading educational organisations. We’ve already impacted 34 million individuals Globally since 2018, including 14 million during FY22.​

Here in New Zealand, our WorldClass goal is to impact 25,000 individuals by 2030. One of the ways we’ll achieve this is through Deloitte Grow, our signature social innovation programme where we work directly with youth, educators and community leaders towards our shared values and objectives.

As the education and learning landscape evolves, so too does our suite of learning initiatives that directly engage youth with future pathways, like our wāhine in technology pilot programmes, that prompt young women to explore the possibility of a future career in the tech sector. We’ll continue to explore new ways to help those from underrepresented communities fulfil their potential.

Our signature social innovation programme

Deloitte Grow is Deloitte New Zealand’s signature social innovation and entrepreneurial programme. Co-designed with high school students and teachers, the programme has been proudly delivered by Deloitte professionals since 2016. Deloitte Grow encourages high school students aged 14 – 17 to explore possibilities for themselves beyond school. Deloitte Grow is a 5 week entrepreneurial group challenge which has students work collaboratively to ‘grow’ seed capital.​

Students practice techniques and soft skills through activities such as formal introductions and creative problem-solving while being coached by Deloitte professionals to plan and launch their own small business idea. With COVID restrictions lifted, we’ve been warmly welcomed back into schools to deliver the programme in classrooms again across the country this year. We’ve updated our Grow programme to reflect the post-COVID world and the growing need for career guidance for students. Our professionals have readily bolstered the programme with career pathway sessions for Business and Accounting students.​

Grow coach Caleb Pahina says the programme “has been one of the most impactful initiatives I have had the opportunity to support at Deloitte. I recently spent time at a school local to me, Manurewa High School, helping students to create products from scratch and sell them at a market day. Taking the students on a journey from ideation to lunchtime sales and seeing the development of their critical thinking and entrepreneurial flair was really special.” We’re excited to build on the success the Deloitte programme has had so far and are working to offer Deloitte Grow, career sessions and scholarships to support rangatahi in more schools across the country.​

Finding inspiration at One Young World

One Young World is a four-day summit for young leaders. It’s an opportunity for young professionals from around the world to come together to confront some of the toughest challenges facing humanity. It’s a space to feel inspired, share ideas and connect with others. As a One Young World sponsor partner, each year Deloitte sends delegates. This year, fourteen delegates were selected from the Asia Pacific firms, including New Zealand’s Sarah Novak and Amy Sparks. “It's a really tough time to be a young person. The world is facing one of, if not the biggest existential crises of our time – climate change. Those under 30 are going to be leaders in some of the most crucial decades of our world,” says Amy.​

Amy is an associate director in our Auckland-based Corporate Finance team, working in the ESG finance space. Amy says she’s looking forward to honing leadership skills essential to her role. “Practising leadership as a young person, and in a space that is quite new for Deloitte can be challenging. Being part of One Young World is not only be a source of inspiration but enables me to be an effective young leader and drive impact at Deloitte.” Fellow delegate Sarah is a manager in Wellington’s Strategy and Business Design team. She says she was “thrilled and humbled” to attend the One Young World summit in Manchester in September 2022. “The summit included a range of activities, from plenaries to workshops to networking events; however, a lot of the action occurred in the lead-up to those four days, and continues in the months following,” explains Sarah. In attending the summit, Amy and Sarah developed their leadership skills, forged new connections and gathered knowledge on how they and Deloitte New Zealand can make a positive impact that matters.

Supporting our Pasifika communities

Pås Peau, our Pasifika Business Services team, works closely with their communities to create value and engagement. Community is at the centre of everything Pås Peau does. They work closely with their communities to create value and engagement.

A great example is Pås Peau’s work with the sports team and movement, Moana Pasifika. They worked with team members to create a future-focused community strategy supporting player pathways in giving back to their local and regional communities. The strategy seeks to encourage and inspire future generations – not only in sport, but in mental and physical wellbeing, cultural identity, and community connectedness.​

Click here to read more about how we’re supporting Moana Pasifika.

Hourua Pae Rau

Our Hourua Pae Rau team has expanded their Most Promsing Māori Accountant Award to include a wider range of professions.

The scholarship has been re-named Tīheru and it supports young Māori on their higher education journey. It includes valuable mentorship and financial support to help talented young people study for a professional career. During their scholarship, students receive paid summer internships, ongoing mentorship and networking opportunities through Hourua Pae Rau.

Ko te manu e kai ana I te miro, nōnā te ngahere, ko te manu e kai ana I te matauranga, nōnā te ao - the bird who feasts on the miro berry owns the forest, the bird who feasts on knowledge owns the world.

Click here to find out more about our Tīheru Scholarship.