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Patient Connect, Care Connect & Health Connect

The future of Smart Health

Today’s model of healthcare provision is becoming increasingly unsustainable - healthcare providers operate in a complex market where legacy systems, escalating costs and governmental pressures to deliver more-with-less contribute to decreasing returns. Our Enterprise Health Cloud (EHC) suite of products offers different editions of our core solution, based on the Salesforce platform. The entire EHC core of Deloitte’s Digital Patient Platform has been designed from the ground up for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, to empower fundamentally different ways of working and engagement across the full suite of channels available through leading engagement platforms such as Salesforce.
The different editions in our product suite are designed to fundamentally ‘shift the game’ and enable new ways of working and collaborating across an eco-system of healthcare organisations whilst at the same time empowering the consumer for full participation:

  • Grounded in consumer-centricity to empower consumers in managing their health and wellness, and that of their families
  • Built around sustained, proactive health and well-being management, providing care only in the instances when well-being fails
  • Powered by data - the new healthcare currency – combined with rapid advances in machine intelligence to provide real-time clinical decision support, precision medicine, and proactive population health management
  • Delivered from anywhere – shifting healthcare delivery to home and combined with virtual care will broaden access to healthcare. This will result in a new structure with less focus on adding new beds and more on developing new models of care that provide improved access and better quality of care at lower costs

Patient Connect

  • Patient Connect helps Lifescience Companies build deeper relationships with patients and support them in their treatment and care delivery for complex and chronic diseases.

Care Connect

  • Care Connect helps Healthcare Providers increase patient reach and deliver improved patient experiences through efficient referral management, leakage prevention and consistent patient engagement.

Health Connect

  • Health Connect allows Healthcare Systems to connect with consumers to improve health and economic outcomes. It enables organizations to collaborate around easier access, enables new models of care, and brings care closer to home. This enables new preventive models of care, and continuous engagement.

Health Connect Overview

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