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Transforming Global Mobility Management

Gain greater mobility value with Deloitte and Equus

Mobility is hard—for the organisation as well as the employee. Many companies are transforming their mobility service delivery model by creating an integrated, connected model or “ecosystem” powered by technology that includes third-party vendors.

An advanced approach to global mobility

Organisations are facing increased pressures and complexity when it comes to managing mobile, multinational workforces. This includes dealing with myriad regulatory, tax and compliance issues.

That’s where Deloitte, utilising Equus's technology platform, can help. We deliver an integrated mobility platform and associated services for our clients’ mobility ecosystems.

Deloitte’s transformation services, utilising Equus’s AssignmentPro technology platform enables companies to advance their digital approach to processes, programme administration and the employee experience. Deloitte can licence, sell and implement this technology ecosystem for clients, revolutionising how companies:

  • Manage workforce mobility
  • Track cross-border information
  • Combine access to data with innovative technology tools
  • Better connect the entire mobility value chain of HR, talent, rewards and vendor systems
  • Provide clients with real-time analytics covering the tax impacts of global workforces

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Deloitte and Equus transform global talent mobility management with expanded relationship Download the press release

Simplify the complexity of mobility

The combination of Equus’s Assignment Pro technology and Deloitte’s capabilities deliver a distinctive vision and methodology and may provide teaming together, the combination of both our clients with:

  • One consistent platform to initiate multiple vendor services
  • Control and ownership of their data
  • Automated reporting of integrated vendor data
  • Customised mobile employee experience
  • Scalability and greater cost efficiencies

A vendor ecosystem can also alleviate the following tasks:

  • Programme disruption, should a general contractor fail to meet expectations
  • Reliance on one vendor to make decisions and set standards for services that may not be core competencies

This blend of strategy and tactics—the transformation services of Deloitte using the technology platform from Equus—may meet your current objectives. And it can position your organisation to adapt more easily to future business changes, programme scale and vendor support.

Why settle for a complicated, disconnected and expensive global mobility programme? Let Deloitte and Equus help you make your programme simple, predictive and personal.

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