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Deloitte School of Tax 

Tax Consulting Proficiency Course

2018 Calendar for the Tax Consulting Proficiency Course

Our tax consulting proficiency courses is a five days training segmented into three proficiency level - basic, advanced and mastery. It is an intense and practical–oriented training curriculum built to upscale tax professionals’ competence. Credit hours are available for members of ICAN and CITN. The specific course outlines are provided below:

Topic covered include a deep-dive into Nigeria tax system and administrative structure and the regulatory framework for Taxation in Nigeria. All types of taxation are cored in great details – Personal, corporate, direct and indirect taxes. Participants are equipped with the knowledge required to thrive in professional tax practice.

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Advanced level is designed for today’s tax professionals who are desirous of moving to the next level. Attendance of Basic level is recommended. Topics covered include recent national and sub-national trends in taxation, tax dispute resolution, tax appeal procedures, international and double taxation and complex corporate tax covering specialized businesses. There is a special focus on industry specific tax issues covering manufacturing, financial industry and oil and gas.

This stream is dubbed the “Tax Masters’ Class”. Attendance of Advanced stream is recommended. Areas of coverage includes global trends in taxation, fiscal framework for economic zones, taxation of e-commerce, mergers and acquisition, transfer pricing, cross-border taxation, tax optimization strategies for MNCs and setting up and running a successful tax practice.