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Analytics for business growth

Smarter Questions to get to the core of business issues

“What is your information-based strategy? You have more information at hand about your business environment than ever before, but are you using it to ‘out-think’ your competitors?”

Analytics is the practice of capturing, managing and analysing data to drive business strategy and performance. It includes a range of approaches and solutions, from looking backward to evaluating what happened in the past, to forward-looking scenario planning and predictive modelling.

Organizations of all sizes are seeking to master, monetize, and measure their use of data. Deloitte’s business analytics specialists are masters in the art of looking inside your data to help create and refine strategies for delivering actionable insights that yield informed and differentiating business decisions. Deloitte’s business analytics services provide customized data analytics solutions that are ready for deployment to immediately improve an organization’s analytics capabilities.

Deloitte Analytics helps clients find ways to turn everyday information into actionable insights by embedding analytics across the organization’s strategy, operations, and systems, and by building analytics into core organizational areas, including customer, supply chain, finance, risk, and workforce.

At Deloitte, we say "Analytics is about asking - and answering - smarter questions to get to the core of tough business issues. But you have to know which questions you should be answering, not just the ones you could answer.

How Deloitte can help

Our Analytics team comprises a range of specialists, including accountants, programmers, statisticians, fraud investigators, data scientists and many more. We work closely with other Deloitte professionals locally and internationally to provide our clients with tailored solutions for improved decision making.

Over the years, businesses we have worked with got value in the following ways:

  • Cost reduction: Deloitte analytics bring significant cost advantages when it comes to analysing large volume of data by identifying more efficient ways of doing business
  • Faster, better decision making: With the insights gotten through data analytics, businesses are able to analyse and visualize information easily and make decisions based on what they’ve learned; and
  • New products and services: With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want

We often find that organisations consider their Analytics strategy as a technology problem, to be implemented by a technical team remote from the immediate business requirements and longer term business and operational strategies. We believe that all areas of an organisation, including process, data and people must be considered. There must be a focus on strategic alignment to ensure the ongoing success of the analytics initiative.

It touches every part of your business

The competitive edge to be gained from analytics is no longer limited to a few techie companies or data-intensive industries. It’s here today, in all sectors, and from our survey, we discovered that companies that commit to making the most of their data and investing in their analytics capabilities are already outperforming their peers. A wait-and-see attitude is a luxury that no competitive company can afford.

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