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Legal Advisory Services

Experience the future of law, today

Deloitte Legal uses leading technologies to deliver efficient and transparent support for the legal activities you manage. We can assist you with your day-to-day activities, as well as corporate life events across many jurisdictions. 

Legal advice you can trust

In an increasingly complex world, legal departments face the added challenge of bringing value to their business, while navigating the volume and pace of regulatory change while remaining compliant.

Deloitte Legal provides a strategic perspective, helping clients to meet their local responsibilities and thrive in the global marketplace.

We bring together legal advice, strategy and technology to develop innovative solutions and create value for you and your business.



Deloitte Legal means the legal practices of DTTL member firms, their affiliates or their related entities that provide legal services. The exact nature of these relationships and provision of legal services differs by jurisdiction, to allow compliance with local laws and professional regulations. Each Deloitte Legal practice is legally separate and independent, and cannot obligate any other Deloitte Legal practice. Each  Deloitte Legal practice is liable only for its own acts and omissions, and not those of other Deloitte Legal practices. For legal, regulatory and other reasons, not all member firms, their affiliates or their related entities provide legal services or are associated with Deloitte Legal practices.

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Deloitte Legal practices provide holistic guidance on strategic business decisions, offering cost-effective support for routine legal activities. Search key contacts by solution, industry and country.

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