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Unlocking business value from your organisation’s transition to Cloud

Five Human Capital ROI enablers to lead and accelerate your Cloud transformation

Deloitte’s Cloud Enabled Workforce & Adaptable Organisation solution offering

Cloud Enabled Workforce Transformation


Organisations across industries and borders are leveraging the power of Cloud, AI, and analytics to innovate, scale their business, and gain insights about customers and operations. At the same time, they have learned that just focusing on technology and applications is not enough to realise the return on investment (ROI) they want from migrating to Cloud.

So now what?

To become a Cloud-enabled organization and realise the full ROI from Cloud, best-in-class leaders are looking beyond technology to anticipate wider organisational opportunities. Opportunities to transform their workforce, operating model, and culture to take full advantage of this investment. Organisations thriving on Cloud are all in.

Where do I start?

Deloitte’s Cloud transformation teams collaborate with your organisation to address the five leading enablers of ROI to begin unlocking business value from your organisation’s transition to Cloud.

  1. Organisation Design – address the siloed nature of technical teams and ownership of certain applications to improve efficiency and outcomes
  2. Capability Development – assess current capability and map team members into potential future Cloud roles
  3. Leader-led Change – uplift change leader capabilities to lead the transition to Cloud from within the organisation
  4. Culture Transformation – understand how digital the organisation is and needs to be to fully embrace the new ways of working a Cloud platform provides
  5. Work Re-Architecture – reimage how work can be done through the integration of humans and technology, allowing technology to augment and enhance human capabilities


The time to unlock true business value from your Cloud investment is now


Leverage Deloitte’s Cloud solutions to unlock business value across your organisation. Deloitte has developed a number of tools to help your organisation think big, start small, and scale fast.

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