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GTS Next-generation Solutions with Deloitte COE

Leveraging the latest technologies and global trade knowledge

By offering a wide range of cross-competency services, Deloitte supports companies’ efforts to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies across a wide range of business needs. As a long-standing partner of SAP, Deloitte’s SAP Global Trade Services Center of Excellence (GTS COE) offers insights, depth, and broad by leveraging the GTS core capabilities with SAP HANA.

Our SAP GTS COE can assist with:

  • Global Trade Management Analytics–This functionality provides enhanced reporting capabilities that include predictive analytics, what-if scenarios, KPIs, and metrics. Global trade management analytics combine external content with internal GTS data, providing deeper insights to trade flows and helping companies identify additional trade opportunities.
  • GTS-based SAP Fiori® Apps – Developed by the Deloitte GTS COE, these applications leverage standard GTS transactions with user-friendly layouts for functionalities such as:

- Releasing blocked business partners (for SPL screening);

- Displaying and releasing blocked documents;

- Classifying products for customs, compliance, and reporting purposes;

  • Document Management Systems – Used in conjunction with xECM, Document Management Systems reduce paper-based and SAP database storage, save time through centralised access to all documents, and increase system performance by automatically capturing, saving, archiving, and reporting documents.
  • Robotics Process Automation – Repetitive tasks such as opening emails and attachments, organising files, copying and pasting data elements, populating forms, scraping internet-based data, performing calculations, and following if/then rules can be executed through robotics automation, reducing the need for human intervention.
  • Machine Learning and Robotics – Leveraging the latest technologies and global trade knowledge, Deloitte delivers applications and tools that can meet some of today’s most complex business requirements.

 Download the full brochure here.

The Deloitte GTS COE developed own GTS-based SAP Fiori Apps, replacing and combining GTS transactions but also leveraging additional content.  

Developed by the Deloitte GTS COE, these applications leverage standard GTS transactions with user-friendly layouts.In addition to the on premise-solution, Deloitte offers a softwareas-a-service “SaaS” model for launching SAP Fiori applications on your SAP GTS system.

Robotic process automation is used in GTS to efficiently execute rule-based repeatable processes with limited human intervention. These repetitive tasks can include opening mails and attachments, moving files to folders, copy pasting data elements, filling in forms, scraping web-based data

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