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Digital Controllership Platform

Helping you maintain, protect, and enhance the integrity of your financial processes, systems and delivery model.

Generating detailed financial statements and board management reports quickly and accurately is more demanding and data intensive than ever before. The process is even more complex during major events such as an IPO, de-merger, acquisition, or restructure. To help group controllers navigate accounting requirements and external assurance validation, the Deloitte Digital Controllership Platform leverages the latest technology to put the power back in the controllers’ hands with the most accurate and compliant accounting platform. 

Greater control signals a shift in the role of Group Financial Controllership to think and act strategically, to drive performance by identifying new opportunities or new efficiencies. Our Digital Controllership platform unburdens the controllership role enabling you to become a true catalyst for change, leveraging information and real time insights to help propel a business forward.

Future focused controllership starts today with the Deloitte Digital Controllership Platform.

The complex processes now made a whole lot less complex include:

  • SBP
  • IBR
  • Valuation of financial instruments & hedge accounting
  • IFRS 17 numbers 
  • ESG Reporting
  • Credit losses & impairment 
  • Support in events like IPO, Acquisitions, Mergers, & De-merger/divestures.

Why Digital Controllership?

  • Puts the power in the hands of the GFC.
  • Drives costs efficiencies
  • Navigate today’s complexities with a simple-to-use automated platform
  • Integrated across major alliance partners – Concur, Blackline, Workiva

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