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Tech Trends 2023
Wednesday, 29 March 2023 9:00 AM WAT

Past Event


29 Mar.

Wednesday, 09:00 am WAT

Tech Trends 2023

Trusted digital systems - Navigating the path

The West Africa Tech Trends 2023 event explores the local impact that emerging technology trends will have both inside and outside the enterprise during the next 18 to 24 months. The event’s focus is on guiding business & technology leaders to understand and confidently navigate the emerging technology landscape. The event also aims to inform business strategy by bringing key insights and actionable advice to help digital and technology executives engineer competitive advantage.

For most enterprises across Sub-Saharan Africa, technology has seen digital transformation initiatives expedited from years to months. As organisations move to apply these nimble approaches and digitally accelerate to address today’s business challenges ranging from talent and skills shortages to trusting in decentralized architecture and systems, Deloitte’s West Africa Tech Trends 2023seeks to illustrate that by working smarter, organisations can shift their focus to driving innovation, gaining an advantage and differentiating themselves both inside and outside the enterprise.

The event explores the opportunities, strategies and tools that are emerging to engineer a tech-enabled future by encouraging businesses to think bigger, while driving real action and impact — smaller, incrementally, but to profound effect.

The presentation will feature leaders and subject matter experts from within Deloitte, as well as industry contributors who will give practical insights into the 4 tech trends being discussed, the challenges and difficulties West Africanorganisations face implementing these advances and the prospective opportunities these innovations offer in the way of competitive advantage for businesses.

This event is tailored to C-Suite technology and digital leaders across industry sectors, technology thought leaders, TMT startup founders, FinTech executives, technology influencers and tech enthusiasts.