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Accelerating digital government

GovConnect is a modular platform of solutions and accelerators that streamlines and modernises the way residents, agencies, providers, regulators and businesses use and provide government services. GovConnect enables rapid digital transformation to modern public service delivery models and creates new employee and customer experiences.

Explore GovConnect solutions and accelerators

Child Support

GovConnect Child Support modernises the end-to-end business of managing the collection and distribution of child support payments with a public portal that increases payment rates and a worker portal that increases program efficiency and accuracy.

Child Welfare

GovConnect Child Welfare is a comprehensive suite of modular solutions that focus on improving the safety and well-being of children and families through the Child Welfare program.

Child Care

GovConnect Child Care enables government agencies to improve the safety and quality of child care through robust inspection and licensing capabilities while supporting access to care through efficient eligibility determination and authorisation.

Contact Tracing

GovConnect Contact Tracing and Tracking enables public health organisations to manage and track exposures and confirmed cases of diseases in order to reduce spread and contain outbreaks.

Disease Surveillance

GovConnect Integrated Disease Surveillance transforms and delivers the next generation disease surveillance solution to enable advanced healthcare provider data sharing, provide real-time access to disease spread, reduce time to outbreak detection, and streamline public health investigations.

Vaccine Management

GovConnect Vaccine Management is a centralised vaccine management platform that can manage mass vaccination that includes vaccine distribution and administration.

Immunisation Information System

GovConnect Immunisation Information System helps government agencies track immunisations through provider enrollment & management, clinical decision support, automated reminders/recall notifications, patient immunisation records, vaccine management and robust analytics.

Licensing and Permitting

GovConnect Licensing and Permitting digitally transforms the interaction between the government, professionals and business owners to improve the efficiency and experience of obtaining and maintaining government-regulated licenses and permits.


GovConnect X11 is a Salesforce-based solution that provides government agencies with a fully configurable non-emergency service request solution that features a robust public portal for submitting requests and a back-office application for triaging and managing requests.

Emergency Rental Assistance

GovConnect Emergency Rental Assistance provides government agencies with a quick mechanism for distributing financial aid to eligible renters to prevent eviction, enabled by a streamlined data collection and eligibility process.

Business One Stop

GovConnect Business One Stop creates an engagement and communication platform among government, businesses and residents to support reopening and recovery. The solution offers transparency for citizens and businesses regarding business readiness, as well as a platform to share availability of critical resources and other aspects related to reopening operations.

Supply Chain Relationship Management

GovConnect Supply Chain Relationship Management integrates with existing supply chain systems to create end-to-end visibility and a single source of truth for suppliers, categories and assets across an agency’s supply chain, enabling supplier score-carding, efficient onboardin, and sustainable practices.

Coming soon

Deloitte Digital is pleased to be working with Leaders in the Defense Sector, our Defense Practice and Salesforce Partners to bring the next generation of tailored assets to the market. Working together with our combined DoD industry experience to speed implementations, reduce risk and add a powerful engagement layer on top of the Salesforce platform.

For more information, please reach out to a member of our team.

Core Frameworks

GovConnect Core Component Frameworks are pre-packaged accelerators built on the Salesforce platform that provide base application functionality common to government agencies. These components are designed to easily integrate with the business functions of an application and provide a modern, consistent user experience through human-centric design.

Grants Management

GovConnect Grants Management is a Salesforce-based solution that improves the efficiency of managing grants programs and drives greater impact from grant investments. With both Grantor and Grantee portals, this solution promotes effective integrated program management, evaluation and internal and external stakeholder collaboration across pre-award, award, post-award and close-out processes.

Community Resource Engine

Driven by data and outcomes-analyses, GovConnect Community Resource Engine connects residents to community resources to address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) by proactively recommending packages of resources and tracks outcomes with closed-loop referral features.