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Deloitte at MWC Barcelona 2022

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Deloitte at MWC Barcelona 2022

Connect to your future self

The frontiers of connectivity, consumer experience, retail, future of work, sustainability and cloud technologies are quickly evolving. Is your organisation ready to connect to its future self, embrace or pioneer even, the rapid advances we are witnessing in these fast-changing landscapes and ecosystems? We explored these themes and other key conversations at MWC Barcelona 2022.

Our virtual programme

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Hear the latest and greatest on what happened at MWC Barcelona 2022. Tune in to our daily briefings with Ariane Bucaille, Deloitte Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Leader, and Paul Lee and Duncan Stewart, Deloitte TMT Research Leaders, for a playback on the key trends seen at MWC.

Connected Everything: 5G—Introducing business to its future self


Hear from Deloitte leaders on what the future of the 5G landscape will look like and Industry use cases that have unlocked the power of 5G technology.

Deloitte at MWC Barcelona 2022

Each plenary offered the opportunity to take a deep dive into the latest trends. Learn more below.

Future Retail & Consumer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption has turned the retail industry upside down, bringing with it unparalleled technological innovations. Technology advances like machine learning, AI, data, AR/VR and more shown that challenges have been an opportunity for retail industry’s digital transformation. In this session, we will discover the long-term impact COVID-19 has had on shopping habits and experience expectations of consumers and dive into the newest retail tech that offer retailers and brands the digital commerce they need to thrive.

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AI Convergence: The next frontier for telco

Over the years the telecom industry has increasingly utilised the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. More and more operators are using AI to enhance customer experience, streamline and automate processes and optimise network infrastructure. This session will take a closer look at how the telco of today is harnessing AI to transform itself and connect with customers, how they see the technology evolving and what the future of an advanced secure network looks like. We will also explore some of the new opportunities that exist as we approach the intersection of AI, 5G and other emerging technologies.

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Work is changing. Is your network ready?

How and where we work has changed in the past several years thanks to the developments of digital technologies. Remote work, with all the benefits, became an increasingly viable option for business and the global pandemic has hugely accelerated the trends. People want to be protected, productive, and engaged wherever they choose to work. Hence, bringing the secured network with business resiliency to the employees and empower the work environment with the facilitation of computing and mobile technologies wherever they are more important than ever.

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Is it time to embrace collaboration with the cloud?

Moving to the cloud is no longer a choice for organisations, it has become a necessity and the cloud service giants are leading the way! With the promised potential to reduce cost, improve performance and generate new revenue for the mobile operators, the immediate attractions are numerous. Yet the future risks cannot simply be ignored. Limited options in the public cloud market, understand why and how to embrace the trends, remain the up hand and retain the business on the edge… will need to be considered before the click of the friend "accept" from cloud.

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Deloitte at 4YFN (Four Years From Now)


4YFN is the start-up event of the GSMA MWC. The event brings together start-ups, investors, and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together. Deloitte’s 4YFN presence this year focussed on the following themes:

Future of trust | Cyber security | BD-Vantum | Procesos Inteligentes | Startme Up (Venturing) | Future of food | Future of sustainability | Deloitte Gaming | Future of Health

Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte


The Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte (CFH) was featured at the Vodafone booth. The booth was themed around climate and sustainability, where the centre for health was presented from a Smart Cities lens. Learn more about the center.