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2023 Deloitte Human Capital Trends | Namibian Summary | Framing the Challenge - Think Like A Researcher

New Fundamentals for a Boundaryless World

Framing the challenge: Think like a researcher

Our 2023 Global Human Capital Trends survey data shows that 59% of respondents expect to focus on reimagining the way they work in the next 2-4 years, which represents a 2x increase from pre-pandemic levels.

As we look forward to the decade ahead, lessons from the past few years are still top of mind, including how business realities can change in an instant. Without an option to return to the past or go back to business as usual, organizations and workers must traverse this new landscape together, calling on a new set of fundamentals to navigate the boundaryless world.

The reality is when leading in this boundaryless world -of work, organizations and workers should activate their curiosity, looking at each decision as an experiment that will expedite impact and generate new insights. Differentiation and winning will come from challenging orthodoxies, operating with humility and empathy, and learning from new information so one can refine as quickly as possible.

In this summary, we share Namibian's perception of this important trend.

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