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The Future of Human Services

A modern 21st century economy must include an equally modern social care system. With COVID-19 exposing a range of vulnerabilities in human services, governments now have a once-in-a-century opportunity to achieve a more robust social care system that’s inclusive and creates value across local economies.

Transforming human services

Human services provides vulnerable individuals and families with a critical safety net. But as the global pandemic has revealed, today’s systems are constrained and in need of transformation to new models that reflect new circumstances.

The key to this transformation will be the use of digital tools to create a cohesive, integrated human services journey that reduces silos and burdens for both citizens receiving services and the administrators who provide them. By redesigning systems and exploring new models, governments can truly transform human services into efficient, resilient and human-centred support.

With COVID-19 serving as a disruptor and an accelerator, Deloitte’s Government & Public Services practice can help governments seize this opportunity and evolve their human services systems towards an innovative and inclusive future.

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