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The post-pandemic global telco environment

Thrive: Four scenarios for telcos in a post-pandemic world

As the industry takes steps to recover from the impact of COVID-19, we believe there are four possible scenarios for global telecommunications companies 24 months from now.

Deloitte’s Center for the Long View (CLV) used a proprietary mix of AI-driven research analysis and interviews with telco experts to develop the four likely future scenarios. The two most important axes in determining scenario outcomes were the ability to monetise critical infrastructure and the dominant customer interface. Telecommunications executives should use these as a guide to the possibilities and work to future-proof their companies.

The four scenarios:

  • Thrive: As COVID-19 slows and the economy recovers, the shift towards digital makes telco services more valuable for consumers and businesses.
  • Survive: A weak economy could see governments become more hands-on, supporting consumers and businesses and regulating industry dynamics.
  • Bitpipe: Ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks would see high demand for telco services, but a weak economy would see low customer purchasing power and strict regulations on prices.
  • Cashcow: Some economic recovery, combined with consumer and business awareness of the value that telcos bring, allows for moderately increased prices.

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