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Temenos Center of Excellence

A leader helping banks with digital business transformation, Deloitte’s team blends global reach with strong local expertise and a Temenos Center of Excellence located in Europe. Deloitte is a Temenos Certified Development Partner.

Deloitte’s global network offers end-to-end services using the Temenos suites to modernise your core banking systems. We empower banks to transform their customers’ experience by implementing latest technology to address market requirements, while allowing for future growth and attractive total cost of ownership.

The Deloitte team provides the expertise and capabilities of 200+ Temenos-skilled professionals to deliver comprehensive end-to-end digital business transformation services on the latest releases of Temenos’ platform. The team’s core Temenos services are supplemented by capabilities focused on, amongst others, digital business strategy, front-end solutions and analytics. Our technology delivery capacity has been enhanced to enable Deloitte to play a significant role as the system integrator on your transformation journey.

Technology academy

The Deloitte Temenos Center of Excellence is a Temenos-certified development centre for EMEA and North America. Furthermore, it is a specialised Temenos-focussed training centre which offers bespoke training services internally and to potential or current Temenos customers.

Migration Accelerator framework

The team offers a ready-to-use proprietary IT framework enabling end-to-end migration, reconciliation and anonymisation of data. It includes a functionality to extract, transform, load and reconcile data between multiple landscapes within the financial services space, accompanied by reporting and cut-over management functionalities. Most of the variable elements of a particular migration are a subject of parameterization only, not coding.

Wealth management services

The team can address wealth management needs through the Deloitte Center of Excellence for TEMENOS Wealth Suite Front Office. This offering includes core system transformation capabilities. The team’s deep expertise has helped a number of financial services clients with this front-end solution. Our experience in implementing Temenos Connect helps traditional and online banks to differentiate themselves by building a robust and scalable solution, delivering higher user experience to their clients.