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Sustainable manufacturing

From vision to action

With pressure on all companies to reduce their emissions and increase sustainable practices, the hard-to-abate manufacturing sector may face more of a challenge than others. But there are some in the industry who are tackling these challenges at pace, while reducing costs, improving efficiency and gaining competitive advantage.

A low-carbon manufacturing and industrials system will likely see changes along nearly every step of the value chain, many complementing and accelerating the broader shifts toward smart factories and digital supply networks already underway.

The stakes are high as the benefits of success will pervade well beyond the shop floor, and create lasting social value. Those who do not act will be left behind, and at risk of penalties from regulators, investors or customers, as calls grow for higher standards and transparency.

This report explores the benefits of action, risks of inaction, and five key areas where sustainable practices can drive measurable improvements across the manufacturing value chain. It outlines key points for companies looking to plan, execute and reflect on their sustainable operations options.

Explore the full report, areas of impact and action, and register for our sustainable manufacturing webinar series below.

Sustainable manufacturing blog: Fixing the factory floor

Manufacturers can no longer confine sustainability to aspirational targets printed in their annual reports. To make the necessary progress, they will instead need to commit to clear action. And that action will have to start on the factory floor.

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