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Launch of Economic Advisory Services

Deloitte Mauritius is pleased to announce the launch of a new Economic Advisory service, with the objective of providing economic advice to public and private sector institutions.

Corporate organisations in all sectors, regardless of size, are affected by the economic situation prevailing locally in Mauritius and beyond, e.g. those involved in cross-border trade and facilities.

While designing and selecting the optimal strategy, the Board has to account for the economic outlook over a period of 5 years or more. Our team has the necessary competence and experience for producing medium-term economic scenarios.

Moreover, we have comprehensive capability to undertake econometric modelling, simulation and forecasting in order to produce quantitative estimates of policy and strategy shifts.

In the prevailing testing times, we are able to assist corporate organisations impacted by COVID-19 in their quest for support measures, made available recently by the authorities of Mauritius – through provision of independent report quantifying the required assistance.

The more proactive corporate organisations must have started to envisage life after Covid-19. The future state of the economy and financial markets will undeniably influence the redesign of optimal strategies. We will bring you our economic and market insights for you to adjust your plans and strategies effectively.

Jameel Khadaroo, Mauritian Economist with a rich blend of experience in economic policymaking, modelling and consulting as well as in academia and publications, is our Economic Advisory Leader.

To provide best value to clients, an International Expert Panel comprising deep experience in numerous branches of economics will collaborate with our local team, where required.

For any clarification on this new service, please email Dr Jameel Khadaroo, Partner, Deloitte Mauritius on

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